About Us

About Us

With over 5 decades of experience in construction and real estate,
the Mirchandani Group has redefined the standards of commitment,
integrity, and sincerity, to establish itself as one of the top developers in
the country.

Our Company

Set up in 1953 as an infrastructure construction firm, our core business was to undertake the construction of government projects. In 1986 the company diversified and ventured into private real estate development. Since then we have constructed and delivered over 6.8 Million square feet and we have a whopping 5.0 million square feet under construction (as of November 2014), including residential townships, premium homes and commercial towers.

We take pride in every structure we build. For us it is not just a structure that provides shelter for rest, work and play, but an opportunity to connect people from all walks of life and build a harmonious community.

Our commitment to quality, timely delivery and sincerity to customers is an example of our core values. We hire only the best talent of the industry to uphold these values. This is the reason why we have thousands of satisfied customers spread over 4 magnificent cities - Mumbai, Pune, Indore and Bhopal, thereby covering the Tier I-Tier III spectrum. We aspire to add to this list of cities so that more people can experience the joys of the Mirchandani way of living.

What We Do

At Mirchandani Group, we look after every aspect of real estate development and the construction process; from initiation to completion and after. Beginning with acquiring suitable land at the best location possible, our development process commences with concept design, design development, obtaining statutory approvals, construction of the project, marketing and sales and finally concludes with a handover of the property to the customer.

Right from inception to completion, our focused and dedicated approach to construction gives us an edge. Our aesthetically appealing, environmentally conscious with superior construction quality and value for money properties are the reasons why Mirchandani Group has been the first choice of all perceptive clients.

As one of the leading real estate developers, we know that the integrity and reputation of our business rests not only on us delivering quality homes and business environments, but also on our ability to understand people’s ever-changing needs and desires. It is our belief that this will lead to better outcomes for our business, our community and ultimately our customers. Currently our main focus is on developing residential townships & commercial centres.

What we do


We have a well-positioned portfolio of apartments, villas and master planned communities providing a pipeline for future growth. The key to developing successful residential properties is our ability to instill a shared sense of identity and belonging. With a strong focus on affordability along with state-of-the-art architecture and stounding amenities, our residential projects are the natural first choice for every potential buyer.


The Commercial Centres that we develop are a class apart. They cater to the growing needs of the corporate and business world. From exquisite office spaces to beautifully sculptured commercial centres, our commercial
projects are destined to ensure a peaceful working environment along with higher visibility for your business.


As an ethical organization, every project undertaken by us is fair, flawless and free from worries for our valued customers. From concept to completion, we follow an honest ethical methodology and FSI norms to ensure that our customers do not face any problem once they are in possession of the property. We take utmost care in maintaining the privacy of our customers. Additionally, we consider every employee’s view to be very valuable regardless of their hierarchical position. Despite being a vertically organized company, our way of working is horizontal and every individual is considered equal.